Random thoughts post the DoubleLine conference  call:

There are 2 themes that ran through the call to our senses:

1- Gundlach is looking for confirmation of his recession predictions and has nothing solid yet, and admits as much.

2- He is almost adamant that the USD is set up for a drop.

To reconcile the recession with a weaker USD isnt a big leap, as a recession would precipitate the need for a weaker dollar.

More on how that statement fits with Gundlach’s logic on the Goldfix tomorrow.

Here are a few slides we thought relevant and/or thought provoking as they pertain to USD, recessions, and gold pricing. We expect to post the whole slideshow tomorrow.

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-Vince Lanci


Copper/Bond Yield Relationship:


Inflation at its core does not seem to be backing off:

A weaker USD will likely bolster EM more than US stocks:


USD: Strong But Rolling Over.

H/t @zerohedge for a couple comments in here.

Commodity Prices: At Odds With the  Recession fears so far.

Debt and Debt Service: Too Much for Too Little


Gold: ‘Strong despite… and should do quite well when USD backs off’

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