Yesterday, our own Brynne Kelly was interviewed by Anthony Crudele on the state of the Natural Gas market, with emphasis on the Northeast pipeline throttling, the acknowledgement that infrastructure issues are ignored until  a real  crisis occurs,  why it rallied as it did (and she was long for a good part of the initial move via options as OppTrader subscribers saw), and what to look for from here.

Pipeline Problems?

Of particular interest to us: It’s not so much the direct use of NG  in heating homes for the Northeast Brynne explains. The issue is more pronounced in the electric grid and its need for more NG flow which the current infrastructure in taxes.


  1. Reasons Natural Gas is Volatile Right Now
  2. The Importance of Watching the Nat Gas Spreads
  3. Trade Preparation & Execution
  4. Things Natural Gas Traders Need to Watch
  5. Seasonality in Natural Gas

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