Why We Like This Company

In one word: NVIDIA. ERSTE went from BUY to SELL here. Not BUY to ..HOLD… OR Buy to “buy a little”. That is a sign of an analytics firm that is not beholden to the corps they cover OR their equity sales desk. Of course we are not married to the firm, and they could just be a broken clock integrity wise.. but for  now, we like them.

Most analysts do not reverse opinion. They slowly change their minds. This is reflected when a stock target is lowered for an average yearly price but is still way above the actual current and likely yearly average. They TRAIL the market in hopes of a bounce, or less surreptitiously because they are looking at averages.

This is a very comprehensive report covering almost every sector we can think of. In terms of format it is not easily used. We suggest using the CTRL-F function to search for a word or company you wish to hone in on.

Global equities are here, not just US. and it is a treasure trove of different perspectives whether you agree or not – VBL


Note: Health Care is creeping up as sectors to buy on several 2019 recommendation lists. This is what happens when people live longer, and when tech is no longer such a sure thing.

US Stock Overview

A Supplier to Apple

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