Garry Holland 8/16/2018
As at Close Wednesday Aug 15th the Daily Sentiment Index (DSI),which has been published by Jake Bernstein at since 1987, saw a 4th consecutive reading above 90% for the Dollar Index (Fri = 94%, Mon
= 94%, Tue = 96% and Wed = 91%), with the 96% reading being the highest seen since mid Dec 2016.
The research and backtesting I have done on this Sentiment measure in relation to the Dollar Index indicates to me
that there are too many traders on the Bullish Bus.
My wave structure analysis also indicates that the move up from the 16 Feb 2018 low is extremely mature and that
a move back to 94.00 is likely.

Too many Dollar Index Traders are Bullish with Sentiment Index at Record Highs Aug 16 2018