To increase your EDGE trading Energy and Commodity futures, take a cue from the fundamental analysis and research
methods that have been used in the Equity markets for years to determine the valuation of a listed company. Taking
this approach will allow you to not only weed out “Headline Noise”, but also identify high probability opportunities.
Energy and Commodity futures represent prevailing market prices for an expansive set of business activities that include
supply, demand and logistics similar to stock prices. Focusing on only one driver will hang you out to dry almost every
time. Research and analysis has successfully been used to identify gaps in market valuations and profit from them.
With over 20 years managing portfolios for large, integrated energy companies I have intuitively been applying
fundamental analysis and research to every commodity I trade.
In this report, I share with you the process I use to evaluate the economic and competitive drivers in Energy and
Commodity markets. The following approach will kick-start your ability to identify and even get ahead of developing
trends. With a little up-front effort you will develop a process for information seeking and gathering that will pay off.

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Brynne Kelly Increase Your Edge Trading Commodity Futures